Gift Voucher

You can now surprise a family member, friend, wife or husband with our new gift voucher which entitles the holder to a Superkart Racing Experience at the school.

The vouchers cost £220 which is the cost of the half day course at Darley Moor where they will get to drive firstly the 400cc Honda Thunder Pro-karts then progress to the 250 four stroke six speed karts and then finally the full race six speed 125cc gearbox kart under the supervision of one of our fully trained kart race instructors.

The pre-paid vouchers give you the opportunity to surprise your chosen person as they are sent out with their name printed on the voucher for you to give out and surprise them when they least expect it.

For more details of the scheme please contact us either by email or by telephone.

Terry – 01782 816808 / 07831 854896


The nearest accomodation to the circuit for those who wish to travel the day before is the Travelodge Ashbourne Hotel, Carnation Way, Ashbourne, DE6 1AY

TEL: 0871 9846362 / FAX: 01335 342924