Before booking your ARKS course which includes your ARKS test you will need to obtain an ARKS pack from the ” Motorsport uk” this can be purchased online at:

The pack contains all the information you require on taking your kart racing licence test and included in the cost of this pack is your first years licence. A medical is required after succesfully completing your ARKS test before you apply to Motorsport uk for your first licence.

Circuit Familiarisation

Each pupil will be driven around the circuit and shown all the correct racing lines and points to be aware of like entry and exit from the circuit.
Kart Introduction, Race wear and Safety
The gearbox kart will be prepared and set up and you will be taken through all the controls and gear change sequences of the kart in preparation for your instructor. At this time you are fitted out with your leather suit, helmet and race gloves.

Driving Instruction

The driving section of the course involves the pupil driving four five lap sessions. These are timed and your overall performance analysed. After each session the analysis is used to suggest driving improvements and new objectives for your next session on the track. During the fifth and final session of six laps duration the ARKS driving analysis test will be carried out including the recording of your final lap times.

Introduction Video to kart racing

A short video produced by ARKS & Motorsport uk which gives a general insight into kart racing, it also gives detailed explanation of the flags used in Kart racing which forms part of the written test of the ARKS examination you will take next.

Discussion and Written Test

The discussion includes driving behaviour, safety aspects and how a race meeting works also your personal race wear. Any questions you may have are discussed in the form of a general question and answer period from all of the days pupils.
The written ARKS multiple choice paper is taken and on successful completion of both parts of the test the drivers license application form is signed and stamped.