Introductory Course – Race Experience

This course is of half day duration and gives a basic introduction into long circuit gearbox kart racing.
During the course you will firstly drive 400cc four stroke thunder Pro-karts followed by 250 six speed four stroke gear box karts and finally the 125 six speed two stroke gearbox karts, these are full race superkarts.
The course starts at 9-00am and finishes at 1-00pm

Circuit Familiarisation

Each pupil will be driven around the circuit and shown all the correct racing lines and points to be aware of like entry and exit from the circuit.

Kart introduction

Race wear and safety, the training karts will be prepared and set up for you and you will be taken through all the controls of the karts in preparation for your driving instruction. At this time you will be fitted out with your leather suit, crash helmet and gloves. It is suggested that you bring your own pair of trainers for driving.

Driving Instruction

The driving section of the course involves each pupil driving five three lap sessions. This will be done in the pro-karts firstly followed by the two types of gearbox karts. During the driving sessions your performance is analysed and after each session the analysis is used to suggest driving improvements and new objectives for the next session


During the morning course Coffee and Tea will be made readily available together with a selection of biscuits.