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  Sales and service  
Here we aim to build a wide range of services that can help you in the sport of superkarting. We will keep this page up-to-date with useful websites that you the members recommend.

Raider Karts - Phil Featherstone



Race Leather Alterations & Repairs



Tags speak for you when you can’t

We all hope we are not going to need medical care.
In the event of an accident we may not always be
able to help the doctors and paramedics that help us.
If you have a medical problem or allergy that the medics
should know about your medical tag will help tell them
and may just save your life.

106-108 Vyse Street
B18 6LP
0121 233 7455




As a club member we have negotiated a great discount price on all types of welding and metal fabrication. Whether it's a small bracket that needs repairing or a totally new frame work to be built we can arrange for it to be done. We have negotiated with a local steel supplier to get all types of steel from hollow section to RSJ's at trade prices so we can then get your own designs fabricated for you. Also we have access to a tube and flat bar bending machine also small lathe turning facilities so all your brackets can be fabricated for you, just send me the drawing with the sizes even drilling and rust proof coating can be sorted out.

We have already supplied kart stacking frames for members vans custom built to the vehicles at great prices.

So don't forget any welding, brazing, drilling and metal fabrications at trade prices contact your club secretary.


If you as a member of club have any contacts that can be a useful service that you think should be a link above send us an email so we can check it out so other members have the opportunity to get some great deals.